Empty capsule    
Hard gelatin capsules Coni-Snap®    
Vegetable capsules Vcaps® HPMC capsules (sucrose) Excellent for hygroscopic or humidity sensitive ingredients.
  Vcaps® Plus HPMC capsules (sucrose) The new standard in the field of HPMC capsules bioequivalent to those in gelatin and consistent dissolution for changing levels of pH and ionic strength.
  Plantcaps® capsules A pullulan capsule, made from fermented tapioca, a natural alternative vegetable capsule, with optimal oxygen barrier properties.
  DRcaps™ capsules Vegetable capsule for health and nutrition, which offers resistance to acids, without involving the cost and complexity of the coatings.
Specialized capsules Vcaps® enteric capsules for pharmaceutical compounds Real enteric protection for pharmaceutical compounds, without involving the cost and complexity of the coating layers.
  Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) capsules Customized interior surface properties, low humidity levels and strict microbial limits, all designed to optimize the performance of the product to be inhaled.
  Press-Fit® gel și Xpress-Fit® capsules Unique solution for turning a tablet into an easy-to-swallow capsule.
  DBcaps® capsules Capsules, made of HPMC or gelatin, with a unique locking mechanism, which are a cost-effective solution for patients involved in 'double-blind' clinical trials.
Filled capsules    
Licaps® capsules Sealed capsules filled with liquid or multiparticulates, which may be made of gelatin, non-GMO vegetable polymers and acid-resistant vegetable polymers. For the types of capsules available please click here.  
Hard capsules filled with liquid Ideal for pharmaceutical ingredients, with high efficiency and abuse deterrent capabilities.  
DUOCAP™ capsules Capsule-in-capsule technology offers the possibility of combined products and multiphase release products.  
Soft gel capsules SGcaps® Proven and convenient technology for both oral and topical applications.  
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